Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker - L.A. Banks In this world, several beings from the light fight creatures from the dark. Even though this world sounds very simplistically black and white, it is far from that. In fact, easy labels are discouraged within the academy that these future guardian's of the light attend and friend and foe are not easily recognized by human sight. This, of course, made me fascinated by the world L A Banks has created. It is also a mixture of mythologies which includes religions of new and old as well as schools of thought like physics. It is a fascinating mixture of cultures.

Within this world, one major fight during Armageddon has been won and they are preparing for the next biggest fight. The gardians speculate the war they are awaiting is the true Armageddon, since the earlier fight was forced ahead of schedule. The story follows Sarah's POV so things are revealed as she learns about them. She is the daughter of the two highest ranking guardian's of the light. Her gifts have not come to full fruition and she seems scared of everything. However, once in the academy, things start to change. Oh, and I knew I was going to like Sarah as soon as she met bullies at the academy.
Nothing got her blood boiling like bullying. She might not fight for herself all the time, but seeing some weaker kid being picked on made her snap and go ballistic.
Of course when I read this line, I knew I'd be connected to Sarah and enjoy the world through her eyes.

I will admit, however, that at times you knew that something was going to happen, and you wanted the book to just get on with telling that exciting part of the tale. At other times I was seeing the wonder of the academy through Sarah's eyes and just wanted to linger and enjoy that part of the book. As for what happened, what had happened before they got to the academy, and how it ended... well, my *evil laugh* should explain that I won't reveal anything. I will tell you that I give this book 4 stars and recommend it to those that enjoy a YA UF where there is a small side of romance. It is more about Sarah's journey and I am curious as to where she takes us next.