Crimson Wind

Crimson Wind - Diana Pharaoh Francis This is actually the second novel in the Horngate Witches series. I had not read the firs one, Bitter Night. It wasn't necessary to read this one, but I would recommend it. I wasn't lost, but things were referenced that made me extremely curious. So, I know I'll be picking up the first one as soon as I can. I need to see how this all started.

Max has a lot of trust issues and you can easily and quickly see why. She was betrayed in the most horrific way and everything she knew as a human was stripped away in one drunken decision. She is also has issues with a powerful creature who wants her, but she doesn't know why. If this isn't enough, family that she hasn't seen in a long time is in danger and she needs to get to them quickly. Her attraction to another blade who is under her command isn't helping things in her upside down life. In all this she learns that Guardians of magic have determined to extinguish human life and everyone is caught in the crossfire. Wild magic is everywhere threatening to end all life as we now know it.

This was a fun ride and I found the characters interesting. Max is snarky mostly to keep others away, but it often has the opposite effect on others used to people obeying their every order. Alexander is a perfect compliment to Max and I loved them together. For example a quote where Max speaks first about wanting Alexander around:
"Yeah Slick. That's what I'm saying. You're like a boil on my ass that I've gotten used to."
"That's so sweet. Like a Hallmark card from hell."
Yes, they do have good chemistry together. lol

This book ends with questions needing to be answered. The adventure she sets out does get solved, but the open ending makes you yearn for the next quickly. I for one will be looking out for that book. So, therefore, I give this book 4 stars and I recommend you read Bitter Night first and then bite your nails and wait like me for the 3rd in the series. :)