Seers of Light

Seers of Light - Jennifer DeLucy This is a sweet PNR. Or, at least, it ends up being one. Let me explain... Lilly, the main character has been sleepwalking all of her life. Knowing something was missing, but not knowing exactly what. Before she knows it, strange things begin to happen and she is suddenly in danger. Christian, comes to her rescue and whisks her away to a group of kind, if not odd, people. She feels calm in their presence, but knows they are manipulating the situation. Plus, they know more about her than she could think possible. Not knowing the situation, she learns more about them and feels like she belongs someplace for the first time in her life. However, how does she balance the seething and righteous anger of her rescuer to the one person she keeps getting drawn?

As you can see there is tension, emotions, and a possible direction for love. Not going to tell you who what or where, that is what you will have to find out for yourself *evil laugh* ;) I will say that it is an interesting turn of events. At first, I did not like Lilly. She was too eager to be with people with no information at all. I thought she trusted them way too soon and was too influenced by those around her. However, she does learn in this book and begins to think for herself. That is when I really started to like her. Her decisions were well grounded and she was brave. By then, the PNR to this book was really there and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As a whole, I give this book 4 stars. Despite what I saw as a shaky beginning, I really enjoyed it in the end.