Surrender the Dark

Surrender the Dark - L.A. Banks This is a book about the end of times. Azrael is an archangel who elected to come to earth to search out a remnant/nephilim who is part angel and part human. Celeste has been affected by the dark in such a way she is almost broken in spirit and body. However, because of the unfailing love of her aunt, she finds her way to Azrael and they begin to heal each other. Her due to the abuse she had endured and him due to the loss and effect the world has on a new to earth angel. As Celeste learns to trust again, we get glimpses into the philosophy this world inhabits. It is mostly Christian in nature, but it is not solely within that one religion. I believe that because Celeste was brought up Christian that is why we are more involved with that philosophy in this book. All religions are considered sacred to the angels and none discriminate because someone ascribes to another viewpoint. All that is important is how good the person is in spirit.

There is also discussion within the philosophy of this world about DNA structures. There is a postulation that we have more strands than the double helix and this is put to good use within the story. I have heard about this theory, but personally know little about it. Still, I think Ms. Banks makes good use of this idea. We also find the Mayans prediction of 12/21/12 is entwined within the philosophies. In fact the reason Celeste is there on the earth has to do with this prophesy.

I give this book 4 stars. I really enjoyed the philosophy the author created within this book. I also enjoyed Celeste, Azrael and especially her feisty Aunt Niecey. I would have loved to have had a little more humor within the book, but it was also not devoid of humor. Several times I did catch myself laughing.