Cloaked - Alex Flinn Once upon a time there was a woman who picked up a book named Cloaked. She read and read and when she was finished, she wrote a review. Magically, this is the very review you are reading. Surprised? I'm not, since I'm the one writing it and now I am about to finish it. ;)

Cloaked is a mish-mash of old fairy tales, modernized. It mostly revolves around Johnny who despite his own hard work, does not think that anything in his life will change. He is used to keeping his head down and working hard to help his mother out with the family business, shoe repair. He meets a beautiful princess who choses him to go on an unlikely quest to find her brother who is the frog prince. Within the quest he finds 6 sibling swans, a fox, giants, magical objects, and even good and bad witches. What was great is throughout the adventure what was really happening was the adventure of growing up. Johnny was learning to follow through with his promises and how to stand on his own two feet. Luckily he also learns who he truly loves and what it is worth.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. It is a fun and delightful book and really is for the younger YA crowd or even MG audiences. I think they will appreciate it more than the older YA crowd.