Huntress - Malinda Lo I admit *hangs head in shame* that I have had Ash by Malinda Lo on my tbr (courtesy of Stephanie of the Misfit Salon) but haven't been able to get to the book. Every time I got the book out, a review book, I felt more compelled to read, jumped ahead of it (boy, those books can jump! ~it's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!). So, when I heard that there was going to be a prequel, I begged, pleaded and rolled over and showed my soft underbelly to the publisher to get a copy. Luckily I live with dogs as my begging was successful! So, I began the journey with Kaede, Taisin, Con, Po, and Tali to find out what the Fairy Queen wanted and hopefully find out what was plaguing the world in the meantime.

As the blurb states, it does seem to have a lot of Chinese influences within the book but this story also seems to take place in a period and land of it's own. In this story what I did enjoy the most is that females and males are on a more equal footing than would be in the real world. Females still seem to have a bit less power, but are still able to argue with parents, become warriors, and live on their own. There is also the separation between those of wealth and power but those seem to travel a bit more along the lines we recognize. Political marriages still exist and are the norm and what is expected of those of a certain station. So, love isn't the reason for marriage.

I really enjoyed the world that Malina Lo created. I really loved the characters. Kaede and Taisin, the two main characters, were lovingly and wonderfully written. You also felt for the secondary characters even down to the fay. Kaede, I'd have to say was my favorite character and I loved the way that she felt so deeply for everyone and everything around her. She was a true huntress and Taisin was her true mate. It was a sweet love story that does not have the typical HEA in the end. Also, I will say that the ending was not as complete as you might expect, but it does not matter. It is the perfect ending for this book.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I will be starting Ash ASAP and it will be the next review coming up. :) I have no excuse anymore.