Cinderella: Ninja Warrior

Cinderella: Ninja Warrior - Maureen McGowan I admit I jumped to get this one. First, it was described as a twisted fairy tale (heh... twisted!). Next, Cinderella was a ninja warrior! I was sold and didn't even read the blurb. Anyhoo... I do admit I did enjoy this book. The choices laid out for you to make seemed like easy choices and no brainers to me. So, the story I read I really enjoyed. Cinderella was a girl that, despite the torturous, and even more physically abusive Stepmother than we are used to seeing, we find learns to stand up for herself. She is one that is concerned about others and is unfailingly kind. Plus, in this book, magic runs throughout the kingdom and Cinderella inherited a considerable amount of natural magical ability from her mother. In this book, there is no fairy godmother, but a cat who helps her become more of a wizard and also a ninja warrior. The story I read was written well and I was interested in this book from the beginning to the end.

There are at least 6 possibilites. All have the first chapter and the last chapter in common. So, you control the journey, but not the outcome. I give this book 4 stars. I cannot comment on the other journeys as I just read the one story and went to the next book. Others who enjoy this sort of thing will enjoy reading Cinderella on a different journey, but coming to the same conclusion.