Hush - Cherry Adair Hm... let's see... hot brothers, hot smex, lots of adventure, plenty of bad guys and a mystery all in one book? Yep, that is Hush. However, I won't Hush and tell you I enjoyed this adventure. I will also tell you that for 1/2 the book I really hated the hero (anti-hero?) of this book, Zak. He was arrogant, mean, and well... a complete a~, uh, jerk. I just didn't think I would end up liking Zak and I thought Acadia was insane for being as nice to him as she was in this book. Okay, I did get that he was probably her best way out of the lush jungle and away from the gorilla kidnappers, but I was still hoping that she would literally kick his ass at least once or twice.

Oh, and I should say a word or two about Acadia Gray. While at the beginning we might question her good sense, no one should by the end of the book. She never saw herself as adventurous, only boring. Small town girl working in a safe job. However, when impossible odds come her way, she proves not only that she is capable, but strong and a true heroine. She bravely withstood that which would have sunk other people quite easily. So, of course, I liked Acadia, and didn't want her to end up with Zak.

Okay, this is a romance, so Zak slowly and painfully starts to wake up to his true life. He realizes the true pain he caused in his own life and FINALLY stops taking it out on Acadia. Yep, I started to like the boy. And with all good romances, the boy grows up to be a man in the end.

This story is book 1 in the Lodestone trilogy. This book lays the groundwork for the other 2 books so I'm glad I finally liked Zak. ;) It was just published so go out and get a copy. That way you'll be prepared for the next book. :)