Sugar Rush (Ophelia Dawson Chronicles, #2)

Sugar Rush (Ophelia Dawson Chronicles, #2) - Kimber An I actually have a hard time reviewing this one. It is far superior to the prequel and I did enjoy this book. I will have to say that I did not connect with Ophelia for quite some time. She was supposed to be a highly intelligent girl who is on the fast track to college, but her inner dialog was more toward a bubble headed girl who thought about nothing but boys. It just didn't gel with other things she did or wanted in life. However, I was still interested in what was going on and why Martin, her ex-boyfriend was being such a crazed stalker. As things escalate and Adrian really comes into the picture more and more of the paranormal also come into play. As to what is going on... we still are left in the dark.

As Ophelia finally comes to terms with her own inner strength, her inner dialog becomes more scientific and melds better with the character. This part of the book flows quick and things slowly and at the same time quickly build. We finally get to be privy to what is paranormally going on and by the end Ophelia becomes a hero.

I find that this book has a very unique and interesting take on vampires and how they operate. I really think that this world has a lot of potential for some quite fascinating tales. Although I didn't connect with the characters at the beginning, I did find them much more interesting by the end. Rating this book was hard for me, but in the end I think I'll give it 3 stars. I recommend this book to people who want a different take on the vampire world.