No Hope for Gomez!

No Hope for Gomez! - Graham Parke The book is told through a series of blog posts which end up as a sort of stream of consciousness writing. Whatever runs through Gomez's thoughts end up on his blog. He starts his blog as a part of a medical trial for extra cash. In it we find Gomez trying to piece together what happened to a fellow trial participant when he ends up dead. As he pieces together what is odd about this man's death, he finds himself attracted to the researcher in charge of the study. As the blog continues you wonder if anything is related at all. However, like all mysteries... things finally come together even if they didn't add up in the way Gomez expected them.

This definitely is a different type of book. No, despite the author's claims it may not make you more beautiful nor cure all ills, but it is entertaining and I did laugh. The relationships here are odd, but interesting. I'm still trying to figure out what his neighbor actually does for a living... *scratches head* Hmm.. But, if you are looking for a different type of read this summer, I do suggest this book. It's short, and definitely different. :) I give it 3 stars.