Dark Descendant

Dark Descendant - Jenna Black I really enjoyed this book. It is mostly a UF book and since this is the first in the series, those looking for a PNR will be disappointed. However, I'm sure that is coming later in the series. Those looking for action, then you will not be disappointed. I really enjoyed Nikki's character. Even though she has had a hard life from childhood, she did find love and stability when she was adopted at age 11. Because of her early experiences, she still has a hard time trusting people, but has a good heart. She turned PI and refuses the family money. While on a job she is set up and finds herself confused, hurt and immortal. Now she has to figure out who is trustworthy and who is playing dangerous games. And for the rest, I will *evil laugh* at your curiosity (oh... come on... don't look surprised!). ;)

There were times I yelled at this book. I didn't like the way the "good guys" treated her and I felt that her loyalty was still too easily given. I wanted to see them work at it a little harder. However, there were aspects of this book I throughly enjoyed. One was Blake a descendant of Eros. When we are introduced to him we find out how using sex as a weapon is not a statement reserved wholly to women. In fact, it gave a good description as to how rape is a violent act and not one of mere sex. To anyone who cannot wrap their brains around that (which seems prevalent within the legal community) I feel that they should be required to read that part and then see if they feel the same when next meeting a victim of that particular crime. Okay, politics and societal concerns aside, the gods are anything but benign and need a short leash unless they become arrogant and dangerous players in our world.

I give this novel 4 stars. I think it is a great start to a new UF series and I can't wait for the next installment.