When You Dare

When You Dare - Lori Foster Hm... let me see...one hot smexy alpha male with feelings of responsibility to anyone he deems smaller, weaker, and/or less intelligent than he. Considering he is exceptionally good at his protection job and can solve mysteries while at it; I would say he feels responsible for the whole of humanity. Add in a huge wallop of smart, independent woman who is kidnapped but refuses to be a victim. Plus don't forget the dash of a fun gay best friend and two lovable labs Dare calls "his girls" and you come up with a delicious recipe for a romantic suspense mystery that is fun to read. Okay, so I don't cook (obviously) but I think I still make the point that this is a delicious romance with action. :)

Those disappointed in the quickie romance will enjoy this story. In fact, I would say that it is more about Dare's character and how he feels about Molly and his job. We really get to know his sensitive side even though there is no denying he is a kick-ass alpha male. We also really get to know Molly; perhaps in a lesser way, but in no way less important. We understand what happened in her background to make her so strong and independent. Sometimes I admit I wanted a little more in honest reaction from her, but at the same time I think it might have gotten in the way of the story if not done well. However, there is the mystery to be solved and her protection to be taken care of, but really that part becomes more background and the reason we get to know these characters so intimately.

I give this book 4 stars. Although there is action and mystery, it really is a character book where the romance ends in a HEA.