Wrapped - Jennifer Bradbury This book is a fun YA historical romantic adventure. The mystery is easy to solve but it is still fun to ride along with Agnes and Caedmon to figure out how all the puzzle pieces fit together. It is set in the time of England's regency period during the time of a Napoleonic threat. Agnes is born of privilege, but because of her father's station and love she is indulged in learning and mastered 10 languages. She is enthralled with A Lady's books (Jane Austin) and frequently quotes them as situations arise. Because of these things, Agnes is want of more than just a husband; she wants a life.

She is pursued by Lord Showalter, the most eligible and wanted bachelor of London. Agnes, of course, finds him dull and is drawn to the one that challenges her on the intellectual, emotional and physical levels. The one man she cannot have due to her station; the one more handsome than Mr. Darcy would be himself, Caedmon. Despite this obstacle, they work together to solve a mystery Agnes stumbled upon. One that may save England from France.

I give this fun book 4 stars. I recommend it to anyone who loves regency romances, Jane Austin, and a bit of Egyptology and history thrown together. It might be predictable, but it still doesn't take away from a fun bit of YA read.