Thirteen Days to Midnight

Thirteen Days to Midnight - Patrick Carman The question is asked at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book: "If you could have only one superpower what would it be?" Well, Jacob doesn't get a choice of power, it was thrust upon him one day when it saved his life. His only source of information, Mr. Fielding, gone at the same time it happened. Actually, Jacob really doesn't know what really happened... IF anything really happened, but he does know that he is alive when he should be dead. However, when he meets Ophelia, or Oh, his world changes and he finds out the power he was given is real.

This book is an interesting exploration of trying to figure out the limits of this power as well as the consequences. I enjoyed Jacob who is very grounded and also extremely smart. He even eventually figures out there must be consequences even though he can't quite see what they are. He knows that whatever we do have consequences. His friends are also great characters. Milo is a true friend. And even though I began not to like Oh at all for a while in the story, as she became totally obsessed with the power, I do forgive her in the end. Her part in the story becomes crystal clear; in fact the whole adventure comes together and makes total sense.

I give this book 4 stars and I don't want to say more about the book or I will spoil things for you. *bad giggle* ( I couldn't bring myself to be totally I do recommend this book to anyone who wants a different type of YA book with good characters. I enjoyed this superpower and how the kids dealt with the huge responsibility.

So... my question to you... "If you could have only one superpower what would it be?" ;)