Trace of Fever

Trace of Fever - Lori Foster Trace Rivers... oh let me see... alpha male (check), passionate (check), sensitive to other's pain when it was a woman (check), loyal (check), determined to help all victims (check), animal lover (check), very smexy (double check). Oh yes... I do love to check him out. ;D I really did have fun with Trace and enjoyed his brand of smexyness (obviously). As with the first book, When You Dare, Trace is as swoon-worthy as Dare and you also get a bit more of a glance into their world and how all the men work together. We also get introduced to Jackson who we will see in the next and last installment, Savor the Danger which will be released next month.

I do also think I enjoyed Priscilla a bit more than I did Molly in the first book. She was more connected to her feelings and a bit more snarky. The story line made more sense and there were some very funny scenes in this book. Of course there is still the fast love at first lust/love as there was in the first book, but it works for these two as intense danger made them fall quickly. At least Priscilla does question falling in love so quickly in herself as well as in Trace, which shows she is sharp of wit.

Any more than that I will not say... *evil laugh* (oh, don't even try to look surprised!). I will say, though that I give this story 4 stars. And although I am quite skeptical about the next book (lets just say Jackson has a thing or two to prove to me yet), I am all ready for my next adventure with these smexy men!