Possession  - Elana Johnson The world in this book was so interesting. You are thrown in from the beginning, so it does take a moment for you to really get into the world and the characters. Once you are there, you are caught in trying to figure out what is going on and who is good and bad. It takes some time since it seems that the whole world has been thrown on it's ear and turned upside-down. What is called good is bad and vice-versa. You aren't allowed to think for yourself and the smallest infraction can land you in "jail". It is a world not easily understood as the plot is not easily understood, but in sticking with the book things start to sort themselves out.

As for the characters, I must say I absolutely loved Vi who is a true survivor and is just beginning to understand she has powers that are extremely rare and wanted. Vi also has a huge sense of right and wrong which is surprising and wonderful given the world she lives. However, I do believe this sense as well as a healthy dose of rebellion came from the people who were closest to her: her father, her sister and her "intended" Zenn. As far as the other characters, I admit I loved them a lot less. Her other love interest Jag was not my favorite person. In fact, I didn't like him at all. I even admit to cheering when she would finally have enough of his attitude and behavior and call him on his actions. However, that did not last and he didn't seem to change. I just don't like the hypocritical nature of someone who demands truth from someone, but refuses to do so himself. Honestly, if there are teams, I'm total team Zenn... well, once he is free to think for himself.

So, all in all, I give this book with the awesome cover 3 stars. Vi saved this book for me. Oh and I also warn you about the ending. If you aren't one to cuss out loud, this ending just might make you do so.