Luminous - Dawn Metcalf First can I say I'm in total love with this cover? I just adore it. I also have to say that I enjoyed the first part of this book. We find Consuela in a dressing room trying on jeans not made for her body. Anyone with a booty (which is now in fashion thanks to J Lo and Beyonce) can sympathize with this scene. However, this scene is important although we don't know it until much later. For Consuela, it is about self-acceptance.

The flow is a place where most of this book resides. There is a Watcher who helps others in Consuela's situation understand and get used to what has happened to them. There is also a cleaner. One who tends to the flow which cleans it of the darkness we carry within all of us and is left behind. The rest of the characters are those who use the flow to go from place to place when they feel a strong pull. This pull leads them to people on the brink and need to be saved for one reason or another. Each person brings with them their history and mythologies which becomes a personal power to help others. This urge cannot be denied.

Oh I loved this book. I enjoy mythologies of all kinds and Consuela's is closely related to her personal mythology of Dia de Los Muertos. For others it may just be a childhood story that stayed with them to the flow. Whatever it is I enjoyed finding out how it manifests. Consuela's magic was my favorite and was the most powerful of all.

My only complaint is minor. Yes, the world can be confusing and sometimes seemed to jump a bit too much. However, the world of the flow is supposed to be confusing so I feel that this is minor. However, still doesn't make me want to understand more about that world and become frustrating at times. I also was a bit frustrated with the story of the killer. The killer is eliminating those like Consuela. Although we know who he is, we follow others as they learn, sometimes too late. It was frustrating that they just couldn't get a head of him. It might have been better if we only suspected but did not know.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I think it was the mythology that had me love this book. So, those that like cultural mythologies will enjoy this book. And yes... there is a touch of bittersweet romance within. :) I refuse to say more as I will spoil much but I admit to have questions that I cannot discuss. Guess that is an *evil laugh* on me! :(

I was given this ARC from Penguin and Goodreads First Reads Program and no compensation for my review was given.