The Girl in the Steel Corset

The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross This YA steampunk world is wonderfully dark and even though it is set in the 1890s, it would be a place I would have loved to visit because of all the technology. Even though I obviously loved and was fascinated by this world, it did not take away from the characters in this book. Developed from other characters like Jekyll and Hyde and a dash of the League of Extraordinary Men, you find yourself interested and compelled to know them more. Actually, I felt she improved on the character of Jekyll and Hyde since I never could buy that one side could be wholly evil/good and I can't fathom such a black and white vision of humanity... of a human. I even enjoyed the character of the Machinist who is a true villan. In fact at one point in the book Griffin is warned that a man who believes in the righteousness of their acts and beliefs can be more dangerous than one who is just insane. I agree.

Ah, but I couldn't do this book justice without mentioning Jack Dandy. In a way he is a side character I believe we will see more of in the series. I just loved him. He was the most mysterious of all and the most charismatic. Is he good? Is he bad? Just what IS this man hiding? Oh what a delicious character. I just enjoyed him so!

However, with all these accolades, I must say the one part that I didn't like was the wrap up of the mystery. It all came together way to easy and it was just too convient. The action was fine, but I would have preferred the identity to have been more of a surprise or perhaps the ending itself to be harder won. In either case, this did not detract too much from the whole of the book.

I give this book 4 stars. It is a wonderful steampunk YA novel and I think adults will enjoy it as well.