Born Under a Lucky Moon: A Novel

Born Under a Lucky Moon: A Novel - Dana Precious The story is about a woman who believes she has an unusual family, so much so that no one will be able to accept it. She is proposed by her boyfriend whom she loves but is scared. She hasn't had the best luck with others accepting her family and so uses it as an excuse to put him off. She begins to tell him the tale of her crazy family to show him why she had good reason to say "maybe".

As the story unfolds you find out how eccentric her family is within the small community in which she grew up. However, I didn't see what was so awful about the family and agreed with Aidan, her intended, that they were more entertaining than horrible. I kept thinking that this girl needed to get out of her own head and really look around at what a horrid family could entail. Might put some perspective on the situation. She also needed to trust Aidan to handle her family. Things she never thought could be possible in life. She still wore her small town blinders and her work which perpetuated blinders didn't help much either. I won't tell you how things worked or didn't work out, so you will have to read the book to find out for yourself. *evil laugh*

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. If you are looking for a cute, funny book for the summer you will enjoy this book. Even though there were times I wanted to shake sense into Jeannie, you laugh and root for her and really hope for her HEA in the end.