Hereafter - Tara Hudson This was a curious book for me. I like ghost stories like this because I enjoy the world the author creates. The world is often open to various interpretations depending on where you hold your view of an afterlife. In this world we are as lost and confused as Amelia trying to figure out what is going on and who to trust. She happens upon an accident and she finds herself drawn to Joshua and helps save him. He can see and hear her and that begins her awakening to things around her. For the first time in years she can use her senses when inspired by Joshua.

The world built here by the author was quite interesting to me. You get hints that there is more than what Amelia experiences but she is reluctant to explore those possibilites. So, I'm left wanting to know more. There were so many questions to her afterlife I didn't expect to understand, but wanted just a bit more exploration. I was relieved when she finally sought answers to some of the questions plaguing her. However, we then become aware of things even more mysterious surrounding the world of the afterlife. I found that interesting.

In the end, I have to say I didn't want an HEA. *brings out smelling salts* So, let me say the ending is very unsatisfying to me. I'm hoping for a sequel to either give me the answers I seek or add to their story so the ending given is changed for Amelia and Joshua. I give this book 4 stars despite the ending.