The Greyfriar

The Greyfriar - Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith Steampunk and vampires! The paranormal and the paramechanical rolled up into one fun story! The vampires in this story are not the secretly sweet and sympathetic kind we often see in stories. These vamps are vicious and have a vision of the world unlike humans. The humans, on the other hand, share history with us but their "present" is more like a dystopian and steampunk world since the vampires showed their presence.

Adele is a strong minded princess sent on a voyage northward to gather support for the coming war with the vampire nation. The vampires live in the north surviving in the cold, but are weakened in the warmth. Vampires having sought Adele as their target, attack the airship she was on and try to capture her. The Greyfriar comes to her rescue, but it does not last long. The most fearsome vampire prince captures her to hasten the war. As to what happens I will not say... *evil laugh* (those waiting for that can now relax... lol).

I should also mention something about Prince Gareth. To me he is such a fascinating character. He is a true vampire prince but there is something more to his character. Not completely one way or another before meeting Adele. When we first meet him he is neither the hero nor the villain but I was captivated by him and wanted to know more immediately. Luckily in the book we get that chance.

We are also introduced to several other minor characters who really make this book fulfilling. There is also a budding romance in which we are at first hesitant but can later fully comprehend why the two come together. Ah, so many things I'd like to say but will not. I just cannot bring myself to spoil the fun story for anyone.

So, if you want some vampiness in a steampunk setting, then this is your book. I give this book 4 stars and I recommend it to fans of UF as well.