Touch of Frost

Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep If you have been around the blog for a while now, you know I am a total fan geek of The Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep. So, when she announced she was going to come out with a YA series that deals with mythology, I totally squeed. Oh yes I did. Now that I have devoured this book, I can say I was right to squee. I really enjoyed this introduction to this series.

Gwen has always had psychometry and has made good use of it in a completely teenage way. She makes money off her friends finding lost items. One day, she is using the brush of a friend and find out what horrors lurked in her house because of a pedophile. Gwen's strong reaction lands her in the hospital and the pedophile in jail thanks to Gwen's mother who is a cop. This is the beginning of Gwen's foray into the realm of Mythos Academy. It was time for her to learn more about her gift and how to control it.

The academy is attended by the decedents of various groups both mythical and real but all with mythic histories. Amazons, Spartans, and Valkyries are a few of the groups that attend the academy. Gwen is the only Gypsy. They deal with typical teenage problems but their classes are quite a bit different. Gwen is having a hard time adjusting and believing in all this "mumbo jumbo".

The world created here is very interesting. I love mythology and I love the twist given in this book. I also really enjoyed Gwen's character. The mystery was easy for me to solve, but I also understand why it took Gwen much longer to see it all come together. Her journey was much more emotional than ours and so it made sense to me.

If none of what I have said has convinced you to pick up this book since I have left so much out so I do not spoil anything, may I say you must read this for no other reason than to meet Logan and Vic. Oh I LOVED Vic but will not say who he is at all. You'll just have to meet him with Gwen. He made me laugh so much! There are also a couple of homages to her other series books like Karma Girl and the Pork Pit. Loved that as well. :)

I give this fun YA book 4 1/2 stars. I really enjoyed this read and I cannot wait for the next book Kiss of Frost due in Dec, 2011