Bastian - Elizabeth Amber I know that some people do not read erotica because there really is no plot but something contrived so that the smex scenes can rule the book. You'll be happy to know that this is not the case in this book. Oh yes, there is lots of smex scenes, but they fit well within the story and there is more adventure here than who is bedded.

The main story is about the Vestal Virgins who were turned ephemeral to escape the destruction of their temple. There were 12 instead of the known 6 and they were paired together as virgin and companion. The main character we follow is Sylvia a virgin and we become involved in her best friend Michaela who was her partner and companion in the temple. Michaela was sent to seduce Bastian, a satyr and a descendant of Bacchus but fell in love. While interacting with both characters, Sylvia also falls for Bastian while trying to lead him to the area where several of the magical vestal stones are hidden. Sylvia must have these stones to free her sisters, some who have become prisoners to evil.

As things progress Bastian, the one who thought he'd never fall in love, suddenly seems drawn to Sylvia no matter what body she possesses. He sees color in a normally drab world. This is what at first fascinates him, but he also finds more that fascinates him about the ephemeral. Even though he doesn't know he has fallen for her or even knows what she is, yet.

Yes, this is a good story woven into all the erotica within. Those that are fans will not be disappointed. There is m/f, f/f, and m/m moments but all are done within this world that was created and aren't your usual encounters. Not all is consensual but those mentions of rape are not glorified and are seen as such.

I give this book 4 stars and do recommend it to anyone who wants to read a smexy PNR. I think you'll really like the character of Bastian! Oh and to those that do not like their history messed with, you might like her note at the end of the book. It explains what she changed for the story and why.