Watched - Sharde Richardson This is a very dark and short novel. The dialog is gritty and not very sweet. At first it did get in the way of the story, but as the paranormal part picked up it smoothed down just a bit and so it fit perfectly. In other words it was more sarcastic at first and then went into my beloved snark. ;) There are about 3 mysteries within this book. All of them related to Mikayla, one of them about her past. Mikayla grows a lot within this short story and I enjoyed that a lot. There is also a potential love interest that may please those that hate insta-love romances. There is reason for the intense feelings of these teens. You will enjoy figuring that part out. ;)
Favorite quote (yes the book is dark): Hurt shouldn’t pile up like this inside of someone. No one should suffocate beneath pain on top of pain. You should have time to breathe, time to scream it out until it doesn’t exist anymore.
Oh I don't want to tell too much about this story. *evil laugh* I will warn you of a few things. One is that there are some spelling and gramatical errors within the book. They didn't bother me, but I know some out there it might annoy. There is also the one thing I hate in all of YA lit. The cliffie! There is more than one cliffie in this book! You will be clamoring for more after reading it.

Therefore, I give this book 3 stars. It really is a wonderful and fun ride within a paranormal mystery. I just wish it was longer to spare me at least a few cliffies!! If you want to pick up this book, it's only about $3 on Kindle! Oh and could someone get me the next book please?