Ward Against Death

Ward Against Death - Melanie Card I'd have to say that most of this book revolved around the theme of light and dark. Good and evil. Even so, it did not make these distinctions wholly black and white. Some of it remained in the grey area and so did Ward. To me he was fully on the side of the light and stuck to what he believed. In other words he was who he said he was. Doesn't mean that his life was therefore without inner conflict, but he allowed his beliefs in what was right to guide him. He also wasn't rigid in these beliefs and so we saw a bit of growth in his character in the end. I really enjoyed Ward's character. I mean how could I not? His last name was de 'Ath (death) and although he was a gifted necromancer (unbeknownst to him); he rather be a surgeon which was illegal to do in this world. Loved his angst!

Now, I couldn't fully connect to Celia. I suspect in a way that was on purpose. She was a assassin, and a good one. She couldn't have come across as sympathetic to our senses or it wouldn't have rung true. I did enjoy her struggles in finding that there might be someone within the world that she may fully trust and fall in love. I also enjoyed her struggle with being dead. I know that sounded weird, but it was true. If she didn't struggle with it I would have hated her more. I will say this... In the end, I did like her and I wouldn't mind knowing more about her.

My biggest complaint was Solartti. I thought his roguish and mystery solving attitude so interesting. I was upset that he was only a small part of the book and would have loved to have gotten to know him more. I really want that book! :)

I find this book a very good start to a series and give it 3 stars. Oh, and you'll be happy to know there is no cliffie! Everything is solved by the end of the book. Well, almost everything. There is one thread missing, but it doesn't cause you total anxiety in not finding it out. You know you will eventually!