Changeling Dream

Changeling Dream  - Dani Harper As you might have read, I enjoyed Changeling Moon quite a bit. I think I enjoyed Changeling Dream even more. I think I connected to the characters more and the emotional bits were spread throughout the book. It starts off with both James and Jillian having a horrible experience. James had the option to flee the world by completely surrendering himself to the wolf. Jillian, not having that option, decided to face her demons and come out with a new life for herself. Both still damaged, but yet found solace and healing with each other. Yes, that is the main theme in a nutshell, but this simple story with great characters really adds up to a good PNR.

Oh those Macleod men. *swoon* Can I find this small town in rural Canada? Anyone want to come with me? ;D Even the secondary characters (although having a much smaller role in this book) are wonderful. Love Birkie, the powerful "aunt" who is the only non-changeling that holds an important role within the pack. And although I was hoping for a Culley story (he's the smart-ass in the pack), the next book is Changeling Dawn which is the single sister's tale. Curious as to how that one will play out. Can I has it now? ;D

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. You don't have to read them in order (although I did... ha!). There is a logical timeline of events within each book, but you wouldn't struggle at all if you picked up this book first. These books are stand-alones. Again, I heartily recommend this to PNR shifter fans.