Blood of the Demon

Blood of the Demon - Rosalie Lario Hm... okay Demons and an artist who owns an art gallery. Yep, I had to read this one. It was a moral imperative! Brynn is the artist and was kidnapped by Keegan and his brothers, all half demons. She is a wanted commodity in their world all because of a long ago ancestor who dared to defy a council who oversees dimensions. She is the key to awakening a army of zombies. Keegan falls for Brynn and together they try to find away to thwart evil. Evil Keegan is very familiar with.

I have to say that I did have a hard time connecting to Keegan and Brynn at the beginning of the story. They fell hard and fast and I think I needed more character building before that happened, especially since this is book 1 in this series. I did like the brother's chemistry with each other. Fighting because they loved each other made it seem like they were family and they were loyal to each other. I think I would have enjoyed more of that. However, as the story went along and you really get into the adventure, I finally did begin to connect to the main characters. By the end, I really liked Brynn and am curious about the next scrape she gets into. Yes, there is a set up for the next book, but this one is complete. No cliffie!

I give this story 3 stars. Despite the beginning, I did enjoy the ending. I am looking forward to the next installment of the Demons of Infernum.