Luck of the Devil

Luck of the Devil - Patricia Eimer Looking for a paranormal that makes you laugh? You have found it! I really enjoyed Faith and her family. I don't always connect to the characters so easily in a comedy/parody like this, but I didn't have this problem here. The whole family dynamic you are introduced to was more like a dysfunctional family ratcheted it up to new heights because of the paranormal aspects. Makes it perfect comedic fodder.

So is it just the dad the Devil and his minions.. uh family... we deal with? Oh no, you also have cousin Jesus and Faith's uncle Alpha (God). They play a critical role in the end with humorous results as well. I also enjoyed the secondary characters of Faith's siblings, a rogue Angele, her demon bodyguard and a ghost. Oh and for those that might worry, I didn't see anything blasphemous, but more of a "What if God was one of us..." type of vibe to the whole thing.

I give this book 4 stars. I really enjoyed the humor and the over the top family of this book. I can't wait to see what other shenanigans Faith gets into in the next installment. :)

Some quotes to get you going:

Women flocked to Churresco's Coffee and Sweets for the first time to ogle the former Penguins player who worked the counter, but anyone with a lick of sense~ or good sense about what they licked~ kept coming back for his mom's pastries. They were so good, people sold their souls for them. No, really~ a local incubus had used them to lure women into his unholy embrace. Talk about a marketing ploy.
My life was becoming its own reality television show. Real World: The Paranormal Season. All we needed was a fairy, two werewolves, and a vampire with sexual-identity issues. It’d be a guaranteed a hit.

I had more, but it really only made more sense and had a lot more humor once you knew what was going on. ;) Yes, I'm *evil laughing* at you all for being curious now. ;)