Where Demons Fear to Tread

Where Demons Fear to Tread - Stephanie Chong I really enjoyed this novel and the world it created. What I really enjoyed was the main heroine, Serena. She was pure of heart in life that was cut short. She had not experienced much of life and died a hero so she became a Guardian in her afterlife. This type of character could be quite annoying but I enjoyed her because she was genuine and she was smart. She had wisdom and insight most people don't have. She was a natural at figuring out what was really going on despite all the lies and deceptions. She was nieve, but it never got in her way. She also knew she didn't live a full life and she didn't shove her morals down others throat. She tried to influence others, of course, but didn't feel the need to constantly berate them for their bad choices.

Now to Julian. Bad, but vulnerable, Julian rose within the demon ranks quickly. He enjoyed corrupting others, but it really was more about revenge for being corrupted himself. He only made one fatal mistake before his death and was sent to the hell realm. Therefore, some good still lived within even if he spent centuries burying it.

Ah, you know this is a PNR so you know how this will play out between Serena and Julian. Despite that knowledge, you are swept away within the adventure that brings them together. Julian falls for Serena and it comes across as more genuine and at a time he really wanted change. So, Serena was the catalyst but not the cause. That made it much more believable.

However, I do have one complaint. In the end there was a bit of extra story we were given after things were solved. What I didn't like about this was Julian's behavior. This time it didn't quite seem genuine but forced. I would like to see both characters struggle with grey areas they have now stumbled upon. Perhaps this will happen in continuing books if this is a series.

I give this book 4 stars. Those that want a fun PNR with a slightly different take on the whole angel/demon ideology will like it. It isn't completely different, but does contain slight differences that make it fun.