Shadow Bound

Shadow Bound - Erin Kellison I really enjoyed this PNR! There was a slightly different take to the fae and lots of philosophy in the book which I love. Erin takes the philosophy and makes it interesting and opens a door to further discussion on your own if you like, but keeps it light enough you don't feel overwhelmed to those that do not like to dive in that deep. It creates a perfect backdrop for the story.

Those that like romance will like this one although I have to say I didn't and don't like Adam, the main hero of this book. However, I still rooted for him throughout the book and wanted him to get the girl in the end. So, even if you don't like the hero, you will still enjoy the romance. Strange, but interesting, eh?

I give this book 4 stars! I recommend it for PNR fans and there is enough action for UF fans as well. It's dark but there is always a light on within them.