Shadowman - Erin Kellison OMG! Can I just say OMG! I LOVED this book! I SO need to add Shadowman to my man harem. *sigh* Can I has him PLEASE? ;) He is your dark mysterious tortured man who is in total love with one woman. I mean really... can you resist?

Hey, get away from him! Resist! He's mine! *growls*

This is the story I think I've been wanting since I read the first book. We were introduced to Kathleen and Shadowman, but then they became secondary characters. Important and essential but not central to the stories. This book is their own. It is not a book of the past but a continuation of the series. All questions you might have had between these two in the past books will be answered in this story. That is all I am willing to say since I refuse to reveal my man further to you wanton readers. I mean really... didn't I already claim him? ;D

Well, I will say that PNR fans who were worried that this is too UF for their tastes will LOVE this story. UF fans won't be let down either. There is non-stop action and mysteries that open this world up even more to us. The fae are terrifying and the angels aren't exactly maleable. Nope, not a fluffy love tale, but one of heartache and strength on all the characters involved. Oh, and surprise! I actually liked Adam in this book! Finally! *whew*

I give this book 5 stars. I really love the idea that the person who truly does not fear death does not fear life either. Embracing death is only embracing change and that change is not always what we expect. Heh... I'll let you chew on that one for the moment. ;)