Ghost Trackers

Ghost Trackers - Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Tim Waggoner This is a work of fiction brought to you by the same guys who investigate ghosts in Syfy's Ghost Hunters. In this book you have 3 teens who loved to investigate hauntings within their town. One night they went to the scariest house in town. Afterword, the house burned down and the three friends ended up in a comatose state for a short while. However, it resulted in all of them losing their memories of what happened that night and even some of their high school years.

In the years to come they all dealt or ran away from the holes in their memory. Traumatized, even by what they do not remember, it all affected them in some way. Then out of the blue a friend starts the ball rolling in getting the three back together for a high school reunion. What happens next is what will put you on the edge of your seat.

In this book you know who is messing with them and even some of the whys. However, you don't know how it is all going to play out in the end. That is what made this book fun. There are scary parts, but it wasn't what struck me about this book. It was the characterizations. You got to know many of the characters from their childhood in a complete way. You got to see their teenage black and white view of them (and of their world) and then you got to know how mistaken you were. It really made the book more emotional that way. Oh and those that miss these types of books because of the lack of romance won't be dissatisfied. There is a sweet budding romance that had be brewing for their whole lives. It was a sweet contrast to the darkness going on about them.

I give this book 4 stars. It is a great character book and it has it's on the edge of your seat moments. The ending is fulfilling and looks like there could possibly be more in a series. I would pick up the next one when it comes calling. :)