Eyes to See

Eyes to See - Joseph Nassise First line in the book:
I gave up my eyes in order to see more clearly.
With the cover, blurb and that line, I expect you are thinking this is just a total horror fest with lots of gore. Actually you would be wrong. I mean, there is some horror (but not in a overwhelmingly keep you up at night kind), lots of ghosts, and a little gore, but really it is more about a man's obsession into what happened to his missing daughter. And what he is willing to do to get her back. It is actually at times an emotional read and you do get involved with his search and desperation despite the fact that at times he is a jerk to other people.

Within the main story, the plot shifts back and forth to what happened in his past and his present. The shift is to allow you to gain more insight as to what brought him here to the moment and why he makes his decisions. It is not abrupt as each chapter is labeled then and now. Sometimes the shift was frustrating for me only because I wanted to know more. However, I agree with the decision in the end and was glad that not too much information was provided because it would be overload at times. I also found the way he dealt with his blindness interesting. He was not totally blind as he was gifted with a form of sight in total darkness. He also had a way of sensing things so he could often manage being independent. He also saw ghosts and "others" as well as the gifted. Those that could also do otherworldly things but were human otherwise.

Hm... I don't want to say more as this book is a good puzzle. All information is given to you and you do figure things out before the characters. However, you know they have knowledge you lack and so you aren't sure how the ending will play out. Therefore, I give this ghost mystery 4 stars. I really enjoyed this read. Oh and for those wanting a bit of romance, let me say that you do get a hint of one. It is sweetly done and could continue if this book becomes a series.