Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout LOVE Aiden. Love the version of the story. Can I have more? :D

Merged review:

I really loved this story. It was also a bit of an emotional ride for me. The world is very segregated into the pures and the half-bloods. The half-bloods really have no rights and are treated as slaves. It was a world that really angered me. It, however, set up Alex's world with delicious tension and why she had the choices (and forced compliance) we read about.

The characters were well developed (especially Aiden... *giggles*). Not only did I love Alex's disregard for the rules, I also loved her best friend Caleb. He really was a true friend. Of course there is Aiden. But what can I say about him? He's horrible and you should all stay away from him. ;D Of course, I'm sure you know I'm lying. But, *sigh* yes, he makes the perfect almost boyfriend. And then their is Seth. Seth, the arrogant multitalented half. The one I'm curious as to how he is going to develop in the coming series.

I give this book 5 stars. Now this book is so much better than my disjointed review. It's only that way because I'm trying so hard to review it without revealing too much while telling you that you are a fool to not read it. FOOL! *ahem* As you see... still disjointed. *sigh*