Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood - Kristen Painter Okay, I know that people haven't read the first one, so again, I will do my best to be un-spoilery (yes, it is a word! I insist! LOL).

This book is, to me, geared more toward the PNR than the fantasy of the first book. So, the relationship of the main characters become a bit more developed toward each other. There is also the introduction of a new suitor, Creek who I wouldn't mind meeting myself. *fans self* There are also introductions to some minor characters which fit into what is going on. Some of them are quite interesting. There is also more about Doc, Mal's best friend, but I have to say that even though he is a central character within this series, he didn't seem as connected within the group as the first. It was like his problems and his solutions were done solo rather than part of the group. That really was my biggest complaint in this book. I like Doc as part of the group and did not like him separate at all.

Now what else can I say so I do not spoil anything? Only that there is a cliffie, and the set up that I did not see coming! Normally this would have bothered me as you usually have to wait a year to see how this set up works out in the next book. However, the next book is scheduled for Dec. so I think I can deal. I hope.... I. Want. The. Next. One. Now. Oops... guess not. ;)

I give this book 4 stars. I loved it but do warn others of a love triangle which can be solved by giving me Creek. Easy! ;)