North of Need

North of Need - Laura Kaye Megan is a sympathetic character who has been widowed 2 years ago. She was unable to break the bonds of grief and was barely living. She builds a snowman family to exert herself to exhaustion to avoid her feelings. It doesn't work and as she sees the family she built she grieves for the one she will never have with her deceased husband. However, that night she finds a stranger on her doorstep. One that worms his way into her grief and gives her permission to feel once again. To laugh again. Now, she must decide if she wants to linger within fear of the guilt that is sure to follow or find the strength to move forward to a new life. One with a love possibly even greater than the first.

Yes, this is an emotional read, but those emotions just make the romance sweeter and the smex scenes hotter. The paranormal aspects were in the realm of elementals which were also seen as gods. This is also book one in a series and I suspect they will all be stand-alones as we make our way though the different gods and how they love.

I give this book 4 stars. I recommend this book to PNR with a heavy emphasis on the "R". If you like romance, I think you will enjoy this book. It's also a great read for the holiday. Yes, even my inner Grinch approved of this book.