The Guardian (Dream-Hunter, #5; Were-Hunter, #9; Hellchaser, #4)

The Guardian (Dream-Hunter, #5; Were-Hunter, #9; Hellchaser, #4) - Sherrilyn Kenyon I have to say that I loved this book and devoured it quickly. Seth is one handsome demi-god that despite the fact he is evil's right hand man will break your heart. Seth is not in the underworld as a willing employee, but as a broken slave. In fact what breaks your heart is that Seth has never known love or kindness. Any he thought he was given was laced with betrayal. Not one person had ever shown him anything else. Even so, he develops a moral center and a strength of character that allows him to endure the pain and humiliation he is given daily.

We also have Lydia. Someone with a secret past and inner scars of her own. Both have a hard time trusting anyone but Lydia has known love of family. Both her parents cared for her deeply. But the amount of horror that engulfed her life at a young age allows her to empathize with Seth more than any other person could. She also understood how hard it is to open up herself to another and be vulnerable on purpose.

Ah so you now have the main players. You also have circumstances that seem impossible to draw these two together. And while the way things played out would not happen so quickly in real life (I mean the trust issues not being pursued by immortal beings.. lol) it doesn't matter. This is a fantasy romance after all, and getting lost in the world and the way they save each other is all that matters here.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I really enjoyed my time here. And even though I have not read all the books in order, I can tell you that it isn't needed. There might be a time or two when you are given names and would like to know who they are, but they are minor players here and it only happened to me twice. It did not take away from the enjoyment of this book and I'd say it is as close to a stand-alone as it could be. Don't don't fear... and pick up this book if you love fantasy romance!