In the Forests of the Night

In the Forests of the Night - Kersten Hamilton In the Forests of the Night starts where Tyger Tyger left off. For those that have not read it, I will do my best to be non-spoilery for the first book as much as possible. It did take me a minute to catch up since the last book, but I did so easily. I was back with the crowd loving all the characters again. In fact, you will all love Aiden the little boy in the first book... and you will have your heart stolen again in this book.

In fact, although this is primarily Tegan's tale, really Aiden steals the show for most of the book until the end climax. Although I really enjoyed that, I also would have loved a bit more of Teagan. What she learned since the first tale and how she applies it to life now. It is by no means devoid of that growth, but I think I would have liked to be a bit more intimate with her in that growth.

For those that demand good research within a book, you will not be disappointed. It is well researched and little known facts are woven into the story and the lore within the book. I found that fascinating and even checked on a couple of facts to see if it was true and not Kersten's imagination. :D I really thought that was fun.

I give this book 4 stars. I really enjoyed my time there and I cannot wait for the next adventure. It is a good book for adults as well as the YA crowd that enjoy a good goblin tale!!