The Battle Sylph

The Battle Sylph - L.J. McDonald This was a very interesting world that was created. In this world, the sylphs live in a alternate universe ruled by a queen. Not unlike bees. They are elemental in nature and the most coveted type of sylph to rulers are battle sylphs to make them invincible in war. In this world, women are seen as nothing but property, second citizens or slaves at best. Of course there are always dreamers in this world in which have a glimpse at a world where they might control the direction of their lives and one we come to know in this story is Solie.

Although this is Solie and her battle sylph's adventure, I actually found the secondary characters and sylph's more interesting. And to just make this a mini review rather than the bigger review it is threatening to be, I'll say that although the main characters were almost too juvenile for my tastes, I really had fun in this world and enjoyed the progression of the sylphs and the women into being free citizens... even if only in one area of their world. I give this book 3 1/2 stars.