Kiss of Frost

Kiss of Frost - Jennifer Estep Okay... gotta make this unspoilery for those not yet started the first one... *taps foot* Okaaay.... *sigh* but I want to say SO much... *zips lip* but I won't!

This is a great second book in this series. LOVED it! We find ourselves shortly after the first book ends. We go through all the everyday school stuff we were set up for and are learning how to defend ourselves as is required of every mythos student. We also get a bit more background and learn along with Gwen more about the pantheon and what really exists in this world. *side note* Personally, although it seems that everyone doesn't like mythos history, I would love that class. Can I sit in or just borrow a book? Please? *end side note* While the beginning is a bit slow we do get the information we need and we also get caught up with what we may have not remembered.

Now, in the middle part of the book there is tons of action and mystery. And although I did figure out who did it before Gwen, I must say it still was a fun ride! I really enjoyed what happened and I feel that a few things were set up for us in the next book within this ride. I can't wait, personally to find out what it is!!

I should also say a few things about Logan. He is still the hottie of our first book, but to avoid spoilers I cannot say how I feel about him now. I don't even think I can say how I felt about him in the first book, but... oh nevermind... Just know that he is a hottie to swoon over!!! ;D

I give this book 4 stars! I loved it and I can't wait for the next book in the mythos series. Can I have it now? Seriously! Oh, and I want it for the story not because we were left with a cliffie. No cliffie!! Whee!!! ;)

Oh yea... and PS... I want a Fenrir wolf. The pups at home wouldn't mind, right? *lives in denial*