Jinx - Jennifer Estep Mini review:

This was another fun book. I really enjoyed Bella and her dislike of all things super. Either villain or hero. However, Debonair makes Bella reconsider things once he has her in his "den of seduction". She isn't the type to go after someone who seduces many women for the thrill... but something about him attracts him despite her aversion. This combo makes it for another fun book. One where we see if two very shy people can overcome their "press" and make a connection.

My only complaint was Bella's attitude with her body. She constantly complained and worried over nothing. However, it is resolved in the end and don't we all know someone like that? ;D I also wanted to kick Debonair in the @ss and liked him but didn't (if that makes sense) until he was fully himself. In other words, when he was neither Debonair or his alter identity but his true self to Bella did I enjoy and root for him fully. I really LOVED him then.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars and recommend this book to anyone who loves a fun campy book.