A Karma Girl Christmas

A Karma Girl Christmas - Jennifer Estep This is a cute short novella within the Bigtime hero series. It takes place after Jinx but can be read as a stand-alone. I must say though I enjoyed it more after reading the series since I was already acquainted with the superhero/ubervillan people.

Karma girl takes center stage in this book. It's her job to protect the presents from any ubervillan looking to make a name for themselves as the most evil of all. I mean stealing from underprivileged kids is pretty evil. Hijinks ensue, ubervillians expound on their evil plan, and situations arise for our heroine. Does she get out? Does she win the day... er... night? Well, it is a feel good Christmas story, so of course! No surprise there (and no evil laugh... don't faint) but it is just another fun ride within this campy group of stories. I give this book 5 stars. It delivers within a short story exactly what it promises.... fun.