Cinder - Marissa Meyer I found this book an interesting twist on the old Cinderella fairy tale. It is written simply, almost like an MG book, but some of the decisions Cinder has to make are for the older YA crowd. No smex, but unfortunately a bit of insta-love. Despite that, I'd say that the character of Cinder was interesting and you did feel for her. I wasn't as connected to Kai, the prince, but I didn't dislike him either. I think I just needed to know more about him other than his lack of confidence in becoming the next emperor to really feel for him.

The plot is predictable, but seriously, when you read a retelling of a fairy tale, it will tend to go that way. However, the setting was very different (in Beijing in a dystopian type setting) even though some of the characters remain the same. The villan as the stepmother was played well and you hated her. However, there was at least one sympathetic sister character and I think that played well into me liking Cinder even more. I also liked that Cinder did not rely on anyone to "save" her even if she hoped for it.

One thing I hated? Well, it was the ending. It wasn't exactly a cliffie that throws you off and makes you hang on to dear life to that branch that keeps slipping the more time goes on without the sequel. However, it does make you suddenly stop right before that cliff and leaves you there to ponder what will happen next. Oh curse you and your sudden stoppage! *shakes fist*

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I think those who are looking for something different in their fairy tales will really enjoy this one. Just be warned, you'll need the next book in order to feel like you read a complete book.