Thread of Death

Thread of Death - Jennifer Estep (Minor spoilage in first paragraph if you haven't read Spider's Revenge #4)

This is a short novella that fits right after Spider's Revenge and right before her upcoming book, By a Thread. It deals with her feelings about Mab's death and her role in it. It also deals with her recuperation and the aftermath of several of the city's underworld rulers. There is non-stop action and an opening that you know leads you right up to the next book. Seriously, this is a great in between novella. One that gets you a little more information as to what is going on in our heroine's head as well as... surprise surprise... Jonah McAllister and Phillip Kincaid. I really enjoyed that.

Only complaint? Not enough Owen. But then again, it isn't his book... I'm just a greedy wench and want more Owen. :D Seriously, if you love this series, you need to pick up this novella to go with it. It's currently $1.99 where you buy your ebooks.