A Devil Named Desire

A Devil Named Desire - Terri Garey The first book in this series is Devil Without a Cause. That was the first book in which I met Sammy the Devil but this series is the offshoot of another, Nicki Styx. I haven't read those yet, but I promise you I will! So, as you can see, you do not have to have read the original series to enjoy this one... and Sammy in particular. *wink* You also don't have to read the first one to know what is going on in this book, but I do suggest it. You will understand where Sammy is coming from so much easier that way. Plus, if you click on the title of the first you will see that the cover is as yummy as this one so you will be wanting both. ;)

Now that is settled, I have to say I enjoyed this book. In this one, Sammy is determined to teach his only friend and brother, Gabriel, a thing or two about temptation. Of course this is the devil and no matter how selfish his plans may be, it has unintended consequences. Some that even inspire a bit of guilt with in Sam. Also, Sam is taking care of... or trying to take care of, his new found son and is learning a few lessons himself. I have to admit, that was my favorite part of this whole book.

The other part of the book is about Gabriel and Hope. Both find themselves in a position they never would have fathomed. Both needing to trust in the other to find their way though the mess. Both of them willing to see it through. Oh and do I even need to mention that Gabe is hot? I mean really would you expect an angel to be otherwise??? ;)

I give this book 4 stars. I really am enjoying this series. If you want to play a bit with the devil, Sammy Devine is your man... er... demon. ;)