The Wolf Gift

The Wolf Gift - Anne Rice Like most of us who read paranormals, if we weren't introduced to the genre by Anne Rice, we certainly were weaned on her tales. So, I was excited to see that she was returning to her paranormal roots with The Wolf Gift.

Within this book we also get the philosophical Anne Rice we have come to know in the Vampire Chronicles. However, to me it was not subtlety done as it had been done before, but quite overtly within the inner dialog and perspective we share with Ruben, the main character. For some reason this didn't make me connect with the character and his adventure. In fact, it kept me at arms length from him. And although the overt philosophy was a question of what is good and evil or even morality (as we had seen within the vampire books), the emotion underneath is profound loneliness. To me, that was Ruben's true story. That is what he was seeking to alleviate.

The book does tend to run slow, but it does not stop moving. The writing is Anne Rice. Very visual and you can see every place that Ruben runs. When he meets others of his kind, the loneliness is alleviated and I feel that is where the philosophy really takes off. Again, as with her Vampire Chronicles, we get to meet the creator, the one who could hold all our answers to who we are and why we are here. Unfortunately like every seeker, we find that our answers will never be fully satisfied. For example:
..."We always come back to that~ that both the brutal world and the spiritual world are sources of truth, that the truth resides in the viscera of all those who struggle as well as in the souls of those who would transcend the struggle."

So, yes, as you see, Anne must still be looking for those ever elusive answers to it all and only finding some truths and yet more questions to be answered. And yet, I do have to say her journey has changed a bit and almost seemed more eastern in nature than the western philosophy we found previously.

I give this book 3 stars. If you are an Anne Rice fan, do pick this one up. I think you will enjoy finding her philosophy back within these new monsters she creates in this book.