By a Thread

By a Thread - Jennifer Estep I can't believe it is already #6! I love this series and I'm so glad to have been able to read this one. You think that after solving one of her biggest problems things would just settle down and perhaps almost be boring (I mean how boring could it be with Owen around? *sigh* Anyway back to the review...). Oh but this is Gin and of course you know that nothing is that simple with her. She finds someone in dire need of her services and it happens to be her sister's very best friend. So, if it involves her sis in even the smallest way, Gin is willing to come to the rescue and do things that others can't or are unwilling to do.

The story also involves Gin's strained relationship with Bria. I did have a problem with Bria's attitude, especially when she's been dating Finn who also isn't completely lawful and has killed people for money. I always thought that was a bit hypocritical. Also, we see that Donovan Caine is back and still has the same attitude with Gin and what she does. However, do not let these two things bring you down in the book. Both are solved and in a quite brilliant way. Bria gets a stick removal and Gin gets to tell Donovan how she hurt. I totally applaud both moves!

Oh and then there is Owen. *sigh* OWEN! Oh the contrast between Donovan and Owen just makes him SO much more swoon worthy. You will feel like me and want... no demand... that Owen be real and sweep... well.. ME off my feet. :D Oh Owen fans will NOT be disappointed with this book. Oh and I still say there was not enough Owen in the book... but again... I'm just a greedy wench. ;)

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. It is a great addition to the Elemental Assassin series. It closed some doors, opened some possibilities and gave me a fun ride in the process!