A Sliver of Shadow

A Sliver of Shadow - Allison Pang I read and devoured book #1 A Brush of Darkness and really loved that book. I have to say right off that I was not disappointed in book #2. I admit it did take me a moment to get back into the book. It had been a little while since I read the first one and had to remember what had happened. It also means that you really need to read book 1 before getting into this one. Otherwise you may be lost. For those that have read the first one, you are right where you were left off. Oh and there is not much time to get your barrings as things move rather quickly. I honestly liked that despite the time it took me to catch up.

All the major characters are back. Can I say Phin? Oh I still love that little horny horse (and I'm not talking about the horn growing out of his head) and he is in full brattiness here. Let me just have him tell you why I love him. For example when he offers to show Abby the way in a palace but was questioned on knowing the way:
..."And I didn't say I traveled using the hallways. No fear, though. If I can figure out which end means business on a hedgehog, I can find a couple of bedrooms." He lifted his nose. "Gotta follow the scent of panties."

And when he was lamenting on not being pampered but conceded a few points on what he did enjoy:
..."You drool on my pillow and molest my underwear, Phin. What else were you hoping for?"
"True enough," he said thoughtfully. "Plus, I get to look at your boobies."

What can I say? A unicorn can get away with a lot I guess. :D

I will say that I did enjoy the romance in this one a bit more. Talivar, the handsome fae prince was so swoon worthy. He had the ability to see and appreciate Abby in a way no fae or otherworlder could. In some ways he is so perfect and yet... not sure if he could totally be Abby's in every way. As for Brystion, my love/hate/love/hate/love/hate character in the first book... well, it is the same in this one. However, no matter how much I'd love to kick him in the arse, I also understood why Abby had a hard time giving him up in this book. There was something behind his annoying behavior that speaks of true caring and perhaps love. Yes, I ended up more on the love side in this book. *sigh* Oh those darn daemons!

Ah... but I really need to stop myself here or I'll end up giving the book away. So I say I give this book 4 1/2 stars. It has a bit of a cliffie (can I has the next book NOW?) but isn't so bad that I curse the book. This series should appeal to those that love UF and LOTS of snark. It will make you laugh and Abby is a great heroine in this series.