A Perfect Storm

A Perfect Storm - Lori Foster Mmmmm... another smexy man in this series. A series that doesn't really have to be read in order, but trust me... you don't want to miss one of these smexy, caring, alpha, hot (oh insert more smexy pronouns here) men! All of the previous were introduced into my harem and Spencer Lark also has a spot saved for him.

Now, even though I was happy to be introduced to Spencer, I have to admit, the one I really wanted to meet was Arizona. She was a curiosity to me. She survived such horrific circumstances and yet was strong and still wanted to help as many people as possible. Yes, this is a woman I wanted to know.

We find that both characters have some personal blocks in their past that wasn't allowing them to live a full life. In Spencer's case it was a wife that he dearly loved, but could not save. Now he has met the one woman who refuses to be saved and constantly puts herself in danger to save others. Together they learn to open up to each other. What I loved was not the healing that Arizona had by being with Spencer but the healing that Spencer found with Arizona. It was unexpected to him and that made it just feel more true.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I throughly enjoyed both characters and this was a wonderful addition to this series. I recommend all these books for anyone who loves a action filled romance.