Burned - J.F. Lewis Temporary review:

Yep, I did it again. I read #4 before reading #1. Oh and in this case I really shouldn't have done that. I was lost, never connected to the characters, BUT seriously, I really want to read this series from the beginning. Why? Well...

It has to do with a very powerful vampire that cannot be killed and has Alzheimer's. He is a true immortal by night and a vampire by day (Murphy's law and all that). His daughter is feared and is quite insane. I mean she not only has daddy issues, but mommy ones as well. She sleeps in the trunk of his Mustang with the bones from the car's diet (yes, it's alive!). There is a "mouser" who is a creature that can become human. And in the case of Talbot, well, he can eat huge demons without getting any kind of gastric upset. There are also plenty of powerful mages, demons and unsuspecting cattle... uh I mean humans who all live in Void city.

Oh and I can't forget the chupacabra. How could I forget them?

Through it all, there is some demon trying to control Eric and a huge plan to put it to rights, but he can't remember exactly what that plan entails. Good thing he has an app for that. Yes, seriously, he has an app for that.

Now that I have you scratching your heads in this completely insane group of monsters and a strange task, doesn't it sound interesting? Yes, this is a series I will start from book one. Just don't follow my lead and start with this one. You will be lost. AND I do mean lost. However, even if it ends up not making much more sense than it does now, I do think I'll be able to connect to these characters when I follow their adventures from the beginning. I'd be happy with that. :)

No stars for this one. I don't think it would be fair to give them at this point.